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Property Investor or Owner Occupied

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  • Do you own a commercial property or you are looking to buy one?
  • What is the purpose of the property, long term or short term investment?                           
  • Cash Flow or Future Equity?
  • What is your priority: rate, terms, amortization, low down payment, prepayment penalty?           
  • Fast approval, low documentation or full documentation?                                                      

Those are the primary questions that you need to ask yourself but don't worry, if it start to become confusing we are hear to clear those up with you. Once you have stated the purpose of the transaction we can move forward to evaluating the property and your qualifications as a borrower and real estate investor. We strongly suggest to be upfront with all your strengths as well as weaknesses. The more we know about you and the transaction the better we can guide you and help you mitigate any set backs throughout the loan process. Remember, we are working with you!
In order to start the evaluation process, please provide:
1. Property Description and Complete Address
2. Rent Roll Multifamily or Commercial
3. Income and Expenses
4. Color Pictures 
Furthermore, we review your personal qualifications:
5. 1003 Standard Application Form - English or Bilingual Form
6. Schedule of Real Estate Owned                                                                               
7. Current Copy of Credit Report (we can obtain one if not available)
8. Signed Global Funding Partners Disclosures and Authorizations
Tax Returns and further verifications are needed based on the guidelines of a Full Documentation or Stated Income loan. For information on the main differences of those programs, please click here.
Upon receipt of the above information we can get a more detailed understanding of the transaction and start evaluating the best loan program available to encompass your needs and financial goals.