Your Commercial Mortgage Business Partner, Anywhere in the U.S.A

Representing a Buyer:
We strongly believe that being able to analyze the property in advance and having a clear picture of the buyer's financial strengths, will allow you both to be better prepared to make offers and the get the financing in place immediately. Because having the financing available could make or break a deal, we want to show you that you don't have to lose commissions due to bank turn-downs.
GFP through a non-binding relationship will perform at no-cost a prequalification on the buyer and analyze for underwriting criteria those properties that you are intending to place an offer. 
Benefits of working with us:dreamstimemedium_1130374.jpg
  • You can focus your business and your efforts on qualified and serious buyers.                    
  • It sets a clear picture from the beginning of the transaction on the opportunities, the affordability, future cash flows and down-payment requirements on that specific property.  
  • Since we have been working as a team and performed most of the homework in advance, there should be no surprises and ensures a smooth closing.                                                        
Representing a Seller:
GFP can help you customize your marketing materials with accurate financial information for your prospect buyers. We will pre-underwrite the property and verify the lending guidelines available. By having different financing scenarios and opportunities, we can accommodate even a buyer with a small down-payment or a not so perfect credit score.
In addition, by sharing our contact information with your prospect buyers that are looking for financing, we will be performing the same services mentioned under representing a buyer.  
Benefits of working with us:
  • Your buyers will know exactly what it takes to purchase that property, what type of loan and down-payment.
  • You will get offers from buyers ready to close!