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  • Is there a difference in the financing pre-determined by the type of property own or would like to purchase?

Yes, there are general categories that property types fall into-ranging from Tier I, which is the easiest to fund to Tier IV, which can be more complicated deals. The rates and loan terms become less desirable in each tier. Understanding which tier a particular property likely will fall into can give you a realistic expectation of the lending parameters. Furthermore, it helps you anticipate what reservation lenders may have so you can address them accordingly.

If you would like additional information about the property types per Tier, please refer to the "Commercial Property Classifications" link.

  • What are your loan programs/rates?

As you have probably read above loan programs are specifically tailored to the borrower's needs, qualifications and financial goals. Furthermore, the property type and risk associated factor plays an important part on the lending parameters.

GFP has the ability to negotiate wholesale rates by working with institutional banks, wholesale lenders, and private investors so our borrowers are guaranteed one of the best pricing in the industry. Rate will be determined by credit, income and property/collateral. We are constantly researching new lending alternatives and/or specific programs.

Please keep in mind that sometimes obtaining the lowest rate does not mean it is the best program for you. We encourage you to work with somebody you trust will represent you ethically and will keep your best interest first.

Some of our most popular and exclusive loan programs will be listed on our website at the SuperStar Loan Programs link.

  • What are your fees/points?

As a rule of thumb, we generally charge between 1% to 2% of the loan amount However, fees may vary depending on the type of loan and/or specific circumstances. All fees will be disclosed in writing on pre-approvals.

  • How long will it take to fund my loan?

Private money can generally be funded within 3-5 days. Conventional loans range between 30 to 60 days for funding.

For additional questions/concerns or to start your loan process, please call us at your earliest convenience at (415) 474 7786.