SuperStar Programs

At GFP we take pride on providing you a vast array of loan programs available throughout the Country. In addition to conventional lending and private money we would like to share with you "Specific" loan programs that are worth highlighting because they fall within certain categories that most lenders do not offer and/or the criteria for the loan program has been modified to fit the client's needs better.

.80% DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Program for Multifamily Properties located in Metropolitan areas throughout CA.

This is a great program because the general requirement of Cash Flow on Multifamily properties is 1.15 to 1.30 DSCR. This program allows for a much larger loan amount and smaller down payment than the regular programs. Please refer to example below. What this means, is that the client was able to purchase the property with a much higher loan amount, than utilizing a conventional bank lending program.

We also offer programs up to 80% and 90% LTV, regardless of the DSCR.

Standard Program
.80 DSCR Program
6.25% - 10 YR Fixed
6.25% - 3 YR Fixed
Loan Amount

Difference = $470,000 loan dollars

Rates are for explanation purposes only. If you have a specific scenario please call us and we will be happy to outline the benefits for you.


Rates and terms are subject to change without prior notice.