"Own your own business - including the building it's in"



David Bach learned this lesson as a money manager for Morgan Stanley before becoming the author of the New York Times best sellers "Start Late, Finish Rich" and "The Automatic Millionaire."


"My wealthiest clients were clients who owned their own business. The most important financial decision they made (that really made them rich) was they bought the building their business was in. In almost every case the building was ultimately worth more than the business at the end of their career."


"Today I own the building (commercial condo) that my company Finish Rich Media is in. My building has appreciated more in two years than I earned on my first four bestselling books in royalties." (Source MSN Money Central)


Even in today's market, there are many loans to help the business owner achieve that same goal - owning your own building. Just 10% down can help you attain a life-long wealth and future appreciations. This is an opportunity that no business owners can afford to pass.


Did you know that there is also an SBA loan program that includes most of your loan fees? Now, let's put it into numbers - practically $100,000 can buy you a $1,000,000 building.


What are the advantages of owning your building?

  • Your monthly "rent" payments no longer go into somebody else's wealth. It goes out one pocket and into another - your own!
  •  Tenant and building improvements go to your wealth and the appreciation of your building.
  • Tax deduction- you now have a new advantage to save on your yearly taxes, property depreciation, interest expense and property expenses, just to name a few. (Please consult your CPA).
  • Your payment may be the same, lower, or even slightly higher, but you can still see many opportunities to increase your wealth and there is no time like today to do it! 


For more information about these and many other programs, please call us today. You'll be surprised with the new outcome that may be available to you!